My To Do List

To Do List

Woweeee September has been so busy I feel like I just blinked and it’s suddenly October, and half term (and Christmas?!?!?) are just around the corner. My To Do list has been crazy and I’ve been so busy trying to stay on top of it that I’ve not had a chance to put pen to paper for a little while.

Since I’ve not had the time to write a Lo List, all I have to share with you right now is my To Do list. Thrilling, I know. But maybe you’ll be excited about the upcoming posts that I will (hopefully) get around to writing. And maybe some of you need to add some of these to your To Do list.

  1. DRINK MORE WATER. Ok, I’m not going to write a post about this but I’m sure we could all do with drinking more water so here’s a little reminder to go and get yourself a glass.
  1. EAT MORE HEALTHILY. I think I’m pretty good with food in general but apparently “all the rice that we eat” is making my husband fat. Healthy eating is a popular subject right now and lots of people have recently published recipe books to inspire us to eat better. Hubby has ordered some – I’ll do a list of some of the good ones in case, like us, you need some inspiration in the kitchen.
  1. ORGANISE MY DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY PARTY. OMG. What a minefield. Who do we invite? Where shall we have it? So many options! So bloody expensive!!! We have finally booked something so I will definitely write this one up sharpish.
  1. BOOK DINNER FOR MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY. Tick. Shortlist of restaurants worthy of celebrating a dad’s birthday to come.
  1. THINK OF SOMETHING FOR MY HUSBAND’S BIRTHDAY. Usually I’m really crap at this and he’s lucky to even get a card. With him having organised a lovely weekend for my birthday this year, not only am I going to get him a card but maybe even a present…
  1. TRAIN FOR A HALF MARATHON. Went to watch the Ealing half marathon the other week. What a wonderful atmosphere! I’m feeling very inspired. Need to sign up for next year and do some research into training programmes.
  1. BOOK A SKIING HOLIDAY. WHOAH. Who are these people skiing during February half term???? Why is it so CRAZILY expensive??? We’ve decided that skiing is more important than school (as if there was any doubt) so we’re taking our daughter out of school for a week (shock horror) to go away. Hehe.
  1. BOOK NEXT YEAR’S SUMMER HOLIDAY. Yup. We are now tied to the school holidays (except for the item above!) and have joined the crazy rush to book next year’s holiday before it gets snapped up by some other crazy punters.
  1. BOOK SOME CHRISTMASSY STUFF. Yay! Christmas is coming! I know Halloween hasn’t even been yet but the festive time of year is just around the corner and the Lo List guide to kiddies Christmas shows is well underway.
  1. GET MORE SLEEP. In my dreams…. Ha!

And with that, it’s time to go and start thinking about getting ready for bed…which always seems to take me at least an hour as I find so many things to do on the way there. Is it just me that does this?? Night night xx


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