Aaah our second trip to Martinhal in 2013...looking back through the photos I'm pretty tempted to go again... must do a blog post about this place

Our second trip to Martinhal back in 2013… looking back through the photos I’m pretty tempted to go again! Must do a blog post about this place…

The summer holidays have begun and everyone (else) is looking forward to getting away at some point over the next 6 weeks. Not us, unfortunately. I can’t really complain though as we have already been away (see previous posts about our California trip). This does mean however that I am now obsessing about where to go next.

We are looking to get away for October half term, but it’s a bit of an awkward time to travel. Autumn can be a bit dreary so I’m thinking we either need to go somewhere like the Lake District and take our waterproofs and wellies (and make sure there’s a cosy fireplace!), or else hop on a plane and look for sun. I know which way I’m currently leaning!

I’ve been on www.holiday-weather.com so much this week I can’t even remember which places I like the sound of, so actually this will blog entry will be a useful place for me to make a list to get my head straight. We’ve decided to minimise travel time (and more importantly, jet lag) – there seem to be enough short-haul options with decent weather that we don’t need to do a long haul flight to catch some rays.

Here’s the Lo List of destinations for some October sunshine (ranked from closest to furthest):

Average high: 25c
Average low: 14c
Rain: 8 days / 57mm
Flight time: 2h 50min

COSTA DEL SOL (Marbella)
Average high: 22c
Average low: 14c
Rain: 4 days / 55mm
Flight time: 2h 55min

Average high: 25c
Average low: 22c
Rain: 9 days / 77mm
Flight time: 3h 10min

Average high: 24c
Average low: 16c
Rain: 6 days / 40mm
Flight time: 3h 10min

MOROCCO (Marrakesh)
Average high: 29c
Average low: 16c
Rain: 5.5 days / 24mm
Flight time: 3h 40min

TURKEY (Antalya)
Average high: 26c
Average low: 14c
Rain: 6 days / 90mm
Flight time: 4h 15min

Average high: 24c
Average low: 18c
Rain: 5 days / 60mm
Flight time: 4h 00min

Average high: 25c
Average low: 19c
Rain: 4 days / 26mm
Flight time: 4h 30min

Average high: 27c
Average low: 16c
Rain: 3 days / 18mm
Flight time: 4h 30min

Hhhmmmm decisions, decisions…. Will we make it third time lucky at Martinhal? I will keep you posted with what we decide…. in the meantime, if you have been anywhere in October that you’d recommend, I’d love to hear from you as this search is doing my head in!


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