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A good friend of mine recently went on a SUP (Stand up paddleboard) – Surf weekend with Urban Recovery in Wales. She ate amazing, healthy, delicious food all weekend courtesy of the Urban Kitchen and felt great after all the fresh air, exercise and wonderful food.

However, it was soon back to the daily grind, some crazy partying at a wedding in the South of France, and lobster and champagne overload at Soho House’s House Festival (I know, it’s alright for some, isn’t it).

We’re meeting up for dinner next week and since she is now in need of a detox she wants to go somewhere healthy. We could only think of the Whole Foods hall. So she suggested I do a blog post about where to have dinner if you want to do clean eating but still go out and socialise. Onto the internet I went, and voilà! – here are the results.

“Raw food oasis situated in the heart of Notting Hill offering mouthwatering and highly nutritious meals and refreshments, cleanse programmes, raw food courses, catering, venue hire and much more.”
Open daily for breakfast and lunch; dinner on Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
“Everything at Tanya’s is raw living, plant-based, hand-picked, organically grown, ethically sourced, and free from refined sugar, dairy or gluten. That’s some pretty bold claims and we are proud of them.”
Located in myhotel Chelsea. Open daily for breakfast and lunch; dinner Tuesday – Saturday. There is also a coffee shop in Parsons Green.
“Wild Food Cafe is a raw-centric, vegan / vegetarian eatery located in the magical Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, London. We are all about wild, fresh, colourful gourmet ingredients created around the art and science of feeling great! ♥”
Open daily for lunch; dinner Tuesday – Saturday.

Bringing together organic raw vegan health products, an optimum nutrition vegan café (running on green energy) and an uplifting music / art / events venue with organic bar…”
Café in Camden open daily from 10am until late. Last food orders 9:30pm.
“Mildreds…serves internationally inspired vegetarian food which is made daily on the premises. Catering for vegetarians, yet popular with omnivores, Mildreds offers friendly informal service in a lively atmosphere coupled with excellent value for money.”
Located in Soho. Open 12pm – 11pm Monday – Saturday.
“Ethos is a self-service restaurant on Eastcastle Street near Oxford Circus. We specialise in deliciously different, meat-free cuisine that tastes as good as it is for you.”
They operate a pay by weight system for lunch and dinner. Open daily.

“Restaurants, Bars, Food to Go-Delicatessens, Juice Bars. Ethical Foods. Sustainably Sourced.”
There are currently 5 locations (soon to be 6), 2 of which open for dinner.
“Good old fashioned, freshly made food that just so happens to be good for you”
Two locations (Chelsea and Marylebone Lane). Open until 7/8pm so we can’t have our dinner here which is a shame as the food sounds amazing. We’ll have to make a lunch date to try it out.
“We spend endless time trying to make healthy food tasty, approachable and fun for you”
Two cafes – daytime only. Produce also available at Daniel Galvin and 1Rebel.


I have to admit I’m not yet totally sold on the idea of enjoying a raw/vegan dinner. Given how popular fitness and nutrition have become, I was surprised at how few healthy eating places there are in London. So I’m putting these restaurants on the list too. They don’t sell themselves as “clean eating” but I reckon you could enjoy a pretty guilt-free (not that I ever feel guilty about eating as those who know me will testify!) and yummy meal at any one of these.

Now we just need to decide where we’re going to meet! 🙂 Have you eaten anywhere that you think should be added to the list?


One response to “CLEAN EATING

  1. Andina and Ceviche should be contenders I think. They serve Peruvian cuisine – think ceviche, quinoa… – and have a nice array of healthy foods like an omega boosting salad, beetroot and ginger juice, yuzu in dressings and lúcuma in main dishes / desserts. It also tastes delicious!
    Tanya’s cafe sounds great, I really want to try it now! 🙂


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