This year I am trying to slowly get myself back in shape after a 5-year hiatus from regular exercise. I started the year committing to one ballet class a week plus trying to go running once each weekend. The ballet lessons have become one of the highlights of my week, I love them and would go every day if I could! The running however has been harder to keep up. So I’ve recently started going to a boot camp on Saturday mornings which is great fun. Knowing that there is an organised class that I’ve signed up to gives me that extra bit of motivation to get off my laptop – it seems that doing lessons is the way forward for me.

Therefore, I’ve been researching what other classes there are in the hood. If you’re looking for some interesting fitness classes to try in and around Ealing, here are the ones that have made the Lo List. Wish I had time to try them all. If you have been to any of these or can recommend any other classes I’d love to hear from you!

Getting fit image2 Dance Classes

Outdoor Boot Camps
@yourefitfitness on Instagram

Aerial Hoop


Plus lots of other the other dance, martial arts and fitness classes available at this venue

Rock climbing




Thanks for your feedback people! A couple more places that some readers have recommended:

Running groups
Espressos Running Crew – meets at Paperback Coffee on South Ealing Road at 9am every Saturday morning for a leisurely jog and coffee afterwards

Parkrun – timed 5k run in Gunnersbury, 9am every Saturday. Free and run by local volunteers

Military Fitness

Personal Training

Contemporary Dance


One response to “GETTING FIT

  1. Hi Lo. I just found your blog. And happy I did. I am an Outdoors Transformational Health and Wellness Coach and founder of Urban Women Fitness. And One of the venues is Horsenden Hill in Greenford. I also coach in Hyde Park, officially licensed. Was wondering if Urban Women Fitness could make the list as well.


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