My name is Vern and I am an internet research-aholic.

I can’t just book a ski trip with the same company as last year even though it was A-Mazing. I need to open 50 tabs in google chrome checking out every chalet of every “family friendly” operator. Open link in new tab, Open link in new tab, Open link in new tab…. Surely after a long day, with the two kids fast asleep, toys tidied, and both the washing machine and dishwasher going at full pelt I have better things to do with my life than extensively investigate where to have lunch after a trip to the Natural History museum?

Well, clearly not. SO, given my addiction, I thought I should at least share the fruits of my labour with the world wide web.

So, what do I spend my time looking at? Everything from deciding where to go on holiday to finding somewhere low key for a quick dinner in London; shopping for birthday presents/kids clothes/things for the house/me(??), stuff to do with the kids on a rainy Saturday, stuff to do with the kids on a sunny Saturday. The list is endless!

I hope you will find my posts useful. Maybe they’ll save you time and, knowing that someone else has already done the hard graft, you can go to bed that bit earlier. Which, incidentally is what I’m going to try and do now that I’ve finally finished this. Good night!


4 responses to “Hello!

  1. The contents of Vern’s brain confined to a blog. No way! The web isn’t big enough, surely! Share your knowledge and power with us oh organised One! 😉


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